The GERCZAK Nord-Pol Hatchery is a company with long traditions. It is a manufacturer of high quality turkey poults, well-known both in Poland and abroad.

Its owners are Danuta and Anatol Gerczak, one of the best professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the industry . In 1998, in Laseczno near Iława (warmińsko-mazurskie voivodeship), they built a modern hatchery from scratch, where the company’s seat has been situated ever since.

In 2005 the establishment underwent thorough modernisation to comply with restrictive European Union standards. It was then equipped with high-tech Petersime appliances to enable the implementation of global solutions in the production of healthy and high-standard breeding material.

Creating its own turkey parent stock in 2013 was a landmark in the development of the brand. The flocks are located in north-eastern Poland, in the region characterised by its beautiful countryside, fresh air, intact nature, that is in an ideal environment for the reproduction of turkey. The location ensures full biosecurity.

The parent stock farms are now a cutting-edge complex in Europe. The innovative procedures followed at each stage guarantee full biological safety of the final product. The employees of the company make up a specialised team of almost 150 people who ensure the best solutions and constantly enhance their knowledge.

The company operates in a full integrated cycle which consists of the parent stock, egg production, hatching and distribution. Everything is carried out according to the quality policy adopted by the company. Its effectiveness is proved by excellent results and achievements.

Since the beginning of the business millions of healthy chicks have hatched out in comfortable conditions and gone to top poultry farms dealing with farming and slaughter of turkeys as well as to individual farmers. Our offer fully satisfies the high requirements of the contractors not only from Poland, but also from Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Russia and Germany.

Innovative approach, development, experienced specialists, continuous supervision, good cooperation, meeting deadlines, and, first of all, our concern for high quality of the products let the Nord-Pol GERCZAK hatchery enjoy unchanging reputation and the customer’s trust.