The primary objective of the Board and employees of the GERCZAK Nord-Pol Hatchery is to build up the customers’ confidence, provide the best offer, increase competitiveness, meet every farmer’s needs. The high standards are ensured by the quality policy, which is based on our key values. We hold to them every day for the sake of our customers’ satisfaction. They apply to many areas of our business.

QUALITY ASSURANCE – our poults are healthy and resistant to disease, because they hatch out in comfortable conditions, under rigorous supervision. We offer our customers maximum quality owing to carefully selected and nursed parent flocks and due to systematic and rigorous veterinary and zootechnical checks.

INNOVATIVE APPROACH – our company invests in cutting-edge technologies, including the best hatching apparatus and cars equipped with a carbon dioxide control system. We constantly monitor novelties on the poultry market and try to introduce them in our business in order to upgrade our current offer.

DEVELOPMENT – our goal is to improve the organisation of work at every workplace and to raise the staff’s qualifications through conferences and trainings in new technologies and innovative solutions.

WORKING CONDITIONS – we take care of our employees’ safety and health. We want our professional team to be able to focus on their jobs, and in particular, carry out their tasks in comfortable conditions. The modern equipment allows the employees to develop their skills and increase the production efficiency.

CONCERN WITH THE ANIMALS’ WELL-BEING – in our establishment we pay special attention to the farming and transport conditions. The turkeys are under our solicitous care, which is possible thanks to the best equipment and, above all, to our brilliant specialists.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION – our company is located in the beautiful region of Warmia and Masuria. That is why we abide by the principles of ecology and we make sure we do not pollute the environment. We properly sort out and dispose of the waste. We are committed to the place in which we work and which provides us with excellent conditions for our business activity.