Our own parent stock is a guarantee of the origin of our products and their highest quality. The birds grow on our own modern farms, which lets us fully control the quality of the eggs from the very start of the production process. After reaching maturity, the birds are transferred to the egg farms, located in Biały Dwór, Kozia Góra, Babięty Wielkie, Gałdowo, Limża and Mózgowo . The proper progress at each stage is monitored by our best employees and veterinarians and complies with restrictive sanitary standards.

Special attention is paid to the conditions in which the turkeys are kept and comfortable environment is ensured. All the facilities have been designed in compliance with the highest standards. They are closed tight and equipped with modern Combi-Tunnel ventilation systems. Thanks to that, the facilities have constant climate regardless of seasonal changes in the weather conditions. This also allows us to maintain adequate and unchanging production parameters.

The buildings are equipped with modern control devices, cooling systems, water sanitation pumps, sensors of CO2, humidity, temperature, pressure and air flow rate.

Our egg farms are the biggest in Poland and that is why we can realise big orders in a short period of time. Our technological solutions ensure full biosecurity. Poults from one flock have identical high health status, which makes it easy for the customers to continue the farming process.

Our facilities are located in areas which provide full biosecurity: close to forests, away from any other livestock facilities. They are not exposed to any hazardous factors.