The offer of the Nord-Pol GERCZAK hatchery is the highest quality one-day-old BUT BIG-6 poults from its own parent stock. We only work with proven suppliers, enjoying prestige and trust in the industry. We guarantee consistent genetic material.

Only the most modern solutions are used in the hatchery. Chicks hatch out thanks to Petersime equipment, a leader in the production and implementation of advanced world technologies. Disinfected eggs are placed in the apparatus and after ten days are candled to eliminate the unfertilised ones. The fertilised eggs return to the incubators and are then transferred to hatchers. Hatching out takes place after a few days.

The proper progress of the cycle is controlled by the software of the apparatus which monitors the basic parameters – the temperature, the humidity and the ventilation. The entire production process is subject to a sanitary and veterinary regime and is supervised by the best professionals in the turkey industry. To eliminate any defects of the chicks, only employees from South Korea are employed for the sexing process.

After the selection, the birds are prepared for transport in specialist cars, which deliver them to the customers.

Owing to the modern hatching system and the technological possibilities, we can produce up to 8 million poults per year.